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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Flashes of Brilliance Column Debuts this week

In our editorial excavations, we uncover all manner of brilliant people, systems & ideas begging for a share but not feature-story-length fodder. "Flashes of Brilliance" will be new column appearing in the GuruTrack blogs and main site starting this week.

We debated calling it "Flashes of Genius," but that term connotes the "Flash of Genius" doctrine that gauged  patentability on whether "the inventive act had to come into the mind of an inventor in a "flash of genius" and not as a result of tinkering. 'The new device, however useful it may be, must reveal the flash of creative genius, not merely the skill of the calling.' "

The folks we're profiling may have flashes, but they are very much skilled in their calling and constantly tinkering. The ones "flashing" if you will, are our editors as we navigate the skies filled with BSO's (bright, shiny objects) and invariably get distracted and drawn to these brilliant ideas and people like moths to a flame.

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