Thursday, May 20, 2010

HTML5 Continues to Astound -- See SI's Google I/O Demo

The future of online journalism is now wide open, as HTML5 continues to astound via demos from major publishing players. Many of the hottest demos are being showcased at Google's I/O conference this week, and the buzz is considerable, especially as it relates to the battle for dominance between the new html platform and Adobe's Flash.

Some wags blame Apple for firing a considerable shot across the bow of Adobe in it's refusal to support Flash on it's iPhone and iPad devices. And the vitriol flying between Adobe (and various development partners) and Apple has been considerable. Adobe has even begun spending large wads of ad cash to spin the "freedom of choice" discussion.

But, while Apple has made it's break w/ Flash a clear-cut position, others are jumping in behind the alternate platform while continuing their Adobe ways. Playing both sides of the fence may work out over time as both options fight for dominance, but many Valley Wags are ready to declare this the beginning of the end for Flash and Adobe Air.

Here is Sports Illustrated's HTML5 demo at the I/O Conference. Imagine this on your iPad, and it's easy to see the future of online publishing, and the viewer experience as it evolves from PC, to tablet, to home theatre. Wow.

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