Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Adding SMS to your marketing arsenal

It's no secret that Internet marketers are watching email open rates slide dramatically, especially in the last 18 months. Even pros with proven, double opt-in grade lists are seeing rates plummet. All of which doesn't bode well for those making (or trying to make) a buck online, and certainly negates many of the promises still being made by unscrupulous marketers hoping to cash in on one last offer.

Late comers beware (ed note: for a review of this trend, go to our story w/ NadaGuru Scott Boulch here)

Enter the text marketing engine.

Destined for the same fate in approximately a 14-16 month window, (i.e. spam controls, complaints, abuse, blockers) this direct method of reaching clients, customers, fans, patients et al is right now one of the most effective ways to deliver updates, news, specials and tips that a business big or small could hope for.

Several companies are on the bandwagon at present, one in particular (iZigg)is launching this week, and after careful review we're endorsing this horse as a true leader in the field for a couple of reasons.

First off, this group has pulled together a plethora of really savvy marketers and systems guys to build a platform that's smart in coupling a front end that markets like a champ with a back office that gets things done in real time. No guesswork, no delays and plenty of documents and videos for training even the most technically-challenged.

Secondly, being the entrepreneurs they are, they added a reseller/multi-level platform to the business, so people can quickly build layers of customers and affiliates and salespeople into a grid that pays handsomely. Retail commissions alone are 25% and are paid weekly.

We applaud the effort, and we're adding it to our marketing arsenal for eNews subscribers and GuruTrack.com members.

Visit this new company here to learn more. Watch the vidieos and make decisions quickly. Easy to add, easy to implement, and especially easy to reach your audience,  which is all we could hope for.

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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Under 30's Rocking the Eco/Environment Scene

Researching young (under 30) professionals making an impact in ecology/environment.

Any suggestions? Links?

Just comment in this post if you know people (or nominate yourself) that are making a difference.

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