Friday, January 22, 2010

Updates from the GuruTrackers

Server issues are for the most part cured at The Wordpress blog was wiped out, but this blog survived (redundancy is not too too much) so we live to fight another day.

Downside is that all the mayhem pushed initial and follow-up interviews with Scott Boulch, Amy Mumma, Julie Brosterman, Travis Young and Natlie MacLean back several days. Oy. It will all be okay though, cause this lineup of experts is enough to fuel some serious listening time on the GT, and each of these people are so genuine and giving, you are bound to benefit. In the meantime, we'll post links to each of these folks' sites so you can start soaking up more of their know-how (if you don't already).

We have had an extraordinary number of new Guru nominations from our Sneak Peek page. You can nominate Gurus on this blog page too, but it has been fun to see the number of unique viewers tromping in and the ratio of folks giving it up and nominating their bosses, idols, friends and sometimes random encountered experts. Please keep it up, and spread the word.

And, as Gary V says, the advertisers follow the eyeballs, so it was encouraging to get not one but two inquiries this week from potential sponsors. We are completely bootstrapping this project, so even though we keep a low overhead, ad dollars are crucial to the campaign. If you're visiting, click on some of our sponsored links or banners to say thanks. You may find some cool stuff too, cause we're working to keep our sponsored links in a "useful" realm. If you know a sponsor that wants to reach 25-49 upper achievers, have them visit our advertiser pages. BTW, listening to Gary's Crush It while doing web work is a great way to kick yourself in the keister, motivationally speaking.

That's what we have this Friday night. We're working ALL weekend on repairing server damage and moving forward on the GT. If you have anything to add, comment here.

Ski Sullivan

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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The NadaGuru Gets Some Air

This week we're interviewing web marketing dynamo Scott Boulch, and pulling the curtain back to help you understand how this whiz kid spots trends, researches tirelessly and charts paths that lead to catching long and profitable rides on waves (on, and offline) that most folks see much later.

We'll talk about his climbs and crashes, the basics he always carries in his "life tools" bag, and the next big thing(s) he has in his sights.

NOTE: GuruTrack is all about connecting the dots for our high-achieving audience. We're working to get back-stage access so you can learn more here, more quickly, and apply those lessons for real world traction today. If you have a Guru or expert you'd like to learn more from (or share with others) please take a moment to nominate your Guru today (see the right column of this blog). While you're at it, hit our Sneak Peek page, take the tour and let us know how we can serve your needs in 2010.

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Friday, January 15, 2010

Gary V Nails It

This is more than just your basic "can do" book. Gary's long been BIG on enthusiasm, straight talk and just flat out giving you his open and unbridled opinion on pretty much any topic.

All of which is why we likely won't see him on any time soon. Aside from his crazy schedule, there's also this caveat: there's really not a curtain to pull back to learn more. Ask, him anything and he'll tell you, go to a meeting, book signing, seminar or luncheon and you'll get the open book that is Mr. Vay-ner-chuk.

All that being said, this book let's you tag along on his 24/7 adventure, gives you some of the great perspective on how things fell into place (or were pushed there) and how you can take his experience and strap it on to your passion pursuit.

Like many of the self-help or motivational books out there, experiencing them beyond the printed page is always a plus. Cements the lessons into your gourd if you can read it then see or listen to more. So, grab this book, THEN get it as an audiobook on iTunes, OR (and this is really cool) get his iPhone app which reads like the book and incorporates videos with personal appearances and day-in-the V vignettes which make it a fun companion, especially if you have any down time. If my commute were longer than the walk around the Castillo Loco, I'd have my headphones on and make "breakfast with Gary" a regular on my early morning menu.

As always, at GuruTrack, we're always ferreting out the experts to make your pursuit a tad easier. And while we have over 50 topics in the works right this minute (as we pull back the curtain on our own free trial) please take a minute to visit our Sneak Peek page and nominate your favorite Guru. We're covering  a broad range of topics, and the "submit a Guru" form has those options and room for a write-in. So, please give us your favorite and help us help you in 2010.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Looking for the Women of Wine

We're preparing a feature on GuruTrack for the Women of Wine and need a few more candidates for interviews. I have some excellent suggestions from Facebook friends, but thought I'd inquire here too. Know anyone you want included? Nominate them at (nominate form is at bottom right of main page) and we'll contact them for more discussions.

Many thanks!

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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Looking for in-house corporate/company social media mavens

We're ramping up a new story idea and looking for social media hotshots that ply their trade inside corporate America, as opposed to those hired (and talented) guns and/or entrepreneurs who keep it in their tool kit for day-to-day communications.

If you (or someone you know and respect) are inside the hallowed walls and reaching out to online communities, members, et al, please visit nominate a guru in the form on right column of this blog, OR visit our Sneak Peek pages for GuruTrack and nominate your favorite there, and see the rest of what we have shaking at the GT for 2010!

Many thanks,

Ski Sullivan

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