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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

There's no 'i' in meme!

What started as a fun email exchange with "empire builder" Sherry Borzo, regarding catch phrases she could use in promotions, has evolved into GeniusWear™, a line of fun shirts, hoodies, coffee mugs, clocks, messenger and canvas bags, etc. Basically, fastest way to build a store stocked w/ ready-to-order swag is Cafe Press. We already had several accounts (for SaucyJoes, and Texball) so it was a fast ramp up.

We'll be refining the store navigation as the month continues, but your fastest way to see all the slogans on your favorite product type is to use the Browse Products pull down menu at top left of store page.

Slogans range from (our fav) There's no 'i' in meme, to I'm better in installments See the list below for all of em.
  • There's no 'i' in meme
  • I'm better in installments
  • What's your story?
  • I am not in this alone (click to share)
  • The Wizard of Oz is off to see me
  • #Brilliant
  • I am the Next Big Thing
  • The GuruTrack Logo
As we continue to build out GuruTrack, it's all about covering as many bases as we can to get the brand and culture of curiosity communicated. After finishing Scott Boulch's 6-part (remember, installments?) interview and posting it this week, we have the underpinnings for audio production set up. The hits will keep coming cause we have Women in Wine interviews (Amy Mumma, Natalie MacLean, Julie Brosterman) commencing this week too. Then it's on to more whales to get GuruTrack all hopped up on caffeine, subscribers, inside scoops, exclusives and FUN.

Here's a bonus audio segment from the NadaGuru interview where Scott reveals his take on the Next Big Thing.

Author (Sam Zell/Money Talks) and Real Estate pundit (OKCRE) Ben Johnson is madly working to hatch an article that brings out the best of his new book, GT style, so we can grasp some of the outlandish RE mogul's actions and tactics for $multi-billion success. We also continue to reach out to really fine writers for new stories and profiles that fulfill our promise of delivering backstage access-level intel for our subscribers.

Speaking of Subscribers, our FREE TRIAL Subscriber offer is still in effect. So, a really cheap subscription starts out even less expensive as our thanks for your loyalty. Join us today. And, if you know a guru, you'd like to see profiled, click here. You'll be entered into our FREE iPad Giveaway for one of five (5) iPads. Nice swag, and the odds of winning are ridiculously good so far.

STAY TUNED for much more news, and some wonderfully insightful interviews and reviews coming in the next weeks as we get up a head of steam at GuruTrack.

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  1. These are all really great slogans and frankly pretty . . . genius. What did I come up with for shirt lines after all your great ideas (don't ask why or do)? Something fresh like "Ask me what I do." Clever or what? These are all catchy lines for swag-wear that will get people asking. In fact, a certain Sullivan gentleman said just that, that he wears his GeniusWear and gets asked questions about it all the time. So, if you want to talk about yourself and your business, it sounds like GeniusWear will do it for you brilliantly.


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