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Friday, January 22, 2010

Updates from the GuruTrackers

Server issues are for the most part cured at The Wordpress blog was wiped out, but this blog survived (redundancy is not too too much) so we live to fight another day.

Downside is that all the mayhem pushed initial and follow-up interviews with Scott Boulch, Amy Mumma, Julie Brosterman, Travis Young and Natlie MacLean back several days. Oy. It will all be okay though, cause this lineup of experts is enough to fuel some serious listening time on the GT, and each of these people are so genuine and giving, you are bound to benefit. In the meantime, we'll post links to each of these folks' sites so you can start soaking up more of their know-how (if you don't already).

We have had an extraordinary number of new Guru nominations from our Sneak Peek page. You can nominate Gurus on this blog page too, but it has been fun to see the number of unique viewers tromping in and the ratio of folks giving it up and nominating their bosses, idols, friends and sometimes random encountered experts. Please keep it up, and spread the word.

And, as Gary V says, the advertisers follow the eyeballs, so it was encouraging to get not one but two inquiries this week from potential sponsors. We are completely bootstrapping this project, so even though we keep a low overhead, ad dollars are crucial to the campaign. If you're visiting, click on some of our sponsored links or banners to say thanks. You may find some cool stuff too, cause we're working to keep our sponsored links in a "useful" realm. If you know a sponsor that wants to reach 25-49 upper achievers, have them visit our advertiser pages. BTW, listening to Gary's Crush It while doing web work is a great way to kick yourself in the keister, motivationally speaking.

That's what we have this Friday night. We're working ALL weekend on repairing server damage and moving forward on the GT. If you have anything to add, comment here.

Ski Sullivan

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  1. Ski, Glad you're back up and running. Starting to think there might be a larger issue with networks. Mediacom internet down for two days as well. Dr. Dave


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