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Friday, January 15, 2010

Gary V Nails It

This is more than just your basic "can do" book. Gary's long been BIG on enthusiasm, straight talk and just flat out giving you his open and unbridled opinion on pretty much any topic.

All of which is why we likely won't see him on any time soon. Aside from his crazy schedule, there's also this caveat: there's really not a curtain to pull back to learn more. Ask, him anything and he'll tell you, go to a meeting, book signing, seminar or luncheon and you'll get the open book that is Mr. Vay-ner-chuk.

All that being said, this book let's you tag along on his 24/7 adventure, gives you some of the great perspective on how things fell into place (or were pushed there) and how you can take his experience and strap it on to your passion pursuit.

Like many of the self-help or motivational books out there, experiencing them beyond the printed page is always a plus. Cements the lessons into your gourd if you can read it then see or listen to more. So, grab this book, THEN get it as an audiobook on iTunes, OR (and this is really cool) get his iPhone app which reads like the book and incorporates videos with personal appearances and day-in-the V vignettes which make it a fun companion, especially if you have any down time. If my commute were longer than the walk around the Castillo Loco, I'd have my headphones on and make "breakfast with Gary" a regular on my early morning menu.

As always, at GuruTrack, we're always ferreting out the experts to make your pursuit a tad easier. And while we have over 50 topics in the works right this minute (as we pull back the curtain on our own free trial) please take a minute to visit our Sneak Peek page and nominate your favorite Guru. We're covering  a broad range of topics, and the "submit a Guru" form has those options and room for a write-in. So, please give us your favorite and help us help you in 2010.

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