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Friday, November 7, 2008

Obama's brilliant social media effort

Here is the content of an email I received from Michelle MacPhearson, who is one of my favorite social media gurus. Listen to the podcast asap if you're interested in online marketing.

Hey Ski!

Webspace is buzzing with commentary on the election of Obama and
his team's adept use of social media during his campaign.

It's a lesson we all can learn from - regardless of our political

Politics is old school, as old school as it gets. If social media
is working there, it WILL work in your market as well.

Today, Ed Dale, Paul Colligan, Lynn Terry and I got on the phone
and talked about the ways in which the election's adaptation to
social media can apply to your business.

It's actually a weekly podcast we're doing called "Internet
Marketing This Week". It's totally issues based - no product
pitches - just solid info and discussion.

Download the MP3 and subscribe to the podcast with Itunes so you
get new episodes automatically - you can do both


Michelle MacPhearson

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